Inside Extreme Soccer Club


The goal of the Extreme Soccer Club is th enhance the knowledge of our players and parents in the world's most popular game. The training methods provide by the coaching staff will ensure our players master the techniques and tactics of soccer. Fun and excellence is the priority of our club.

Coaches will be mentors to our youth and be part of building their character. Skills will be taught on how to conduct oneself in a competitve environment (emotional discipline), to work as a tam (corporate association), to be punctual (personal responsibility), to give and receive instructions (leadership), to physically and mentally work hard (work ethic), to having respect for others, nurture lifelong friendships, be gracious in defeat and humble in victory (sportsmanship).

Why do we gather around this game? The answer is simple, it is to witness our children excel at the most beautiful of sports. Excellence has to do with the manner in which we achieve success. So be on the lookout for when our players exhibit skills and hard work. Whether we win or lose, reward it with the praise it deserves. A focus on winning only has its attention on glory and not on the achievements of the player or the team.

We are a club that develops players first and foremost. Trying to win is the basis for taking the field when we compete. But, we cannot put it above the development of the player and the team. Winning is not first, it is the product of excellent coaching, training and players who execute what they learn on the playing field. As the team and players get better so does their success.

Our coaches lead and instruct, our players play the game, and our parents cheer and encourage them. To critique without understanding is negative and destructive. Knowledge, build's one's confidence to compete with excellence while increasing the fun. It is the responsibility of all members of Extreme to learn and apply our principals and goals.

Principles and Values

Extreme Soccer Club pledges to govern our endeavors dso that:

• All of our youth players will train and play in a safe environement.
• All of our affairs will be conducted with integrity and honesty.
• Goos sportsmanship is a tenet of this club.
• All our members will be treated with respect.
• We will strive for excellence in all we do.
• We will always remember that we are training children and that will govern our decisions.


In order to accomplish our Mission, in accordance with our philosophy and principles, we have the following goals:

• Provide serious young soccer players with the best teams, coaching and support structure to faciliate their development,  while providing them a positive soccer experiences that will last a lifetime.
• Provide the best exposure to college coaches and college opportunities.
• Compete at every age level at the State Championship for both boys and girls.
• Create an enjoyable and satisfying experience for all families involved.








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